Wedding Ideas

Wedding Ideas

Matt and I were engaged for over five years before we finally saved up enough money to make it down the aisle. During that time, a lot of ideas were discussed and I looked up more venues than any sane person should. To narrow down our options we came up with three things we wanted our day to be:

  • Romantic
  • Rustic
  • Relaxed

Once we’d booked our wedding venue (the super gorgeous Stone Barn in Aldsworth, Cotswolds) we began collating our decorations. Wedding prices are nothing short of criminal, although it’s worrying how quickly you stop being surprised and instead accept the situation and hand over a tonne of hard-earned cash. However, there are some things you can make at a fraction of the cost.

My Pinterest board was dreamy, and it’s such a good place to start to get some inspiration. I made my own bunting by using strips of material and lace and tying it onto string. I bought the lace and ribbon from Hobbycraft, but I cleared the bedsheet shelves in Primark to make the rest, and it was so much cheaper! It was very time consuming to put together, and I do wish I’d started sooner. Another downside was the threads all over the house, but nothing a good hoover can’t fix.

Mr P is a graphic designer, so was totally ace at putting together our seating plan, menus and other decorative bits. My now husband is also known for his penchant for biscuits (he even dressed up as custard cream one year at Halloween) so that became a key theme amongst our designs. It worked really well and raised a few giggles amongst our guests.

We also had a mix of glassware, some old bits given to us, and the rest from ikea. It’s really easy to dress things up to make it more personal.

The most important advice I would say to anyone planning a DIY wedding would be to start early! I’m quite an organised person, but we’re both laid back about schedules and it was a mad dash during those last few weeks so it did get pretty stressful (we roped in my bridesmaids to help us finish off our wedding favours the night before!)

I’ve put lots of photos up in this post so you can see what we did, it really was a magical day and definitely worth all the effort (I’ve started banking ideas for our ten year anniversary, although don’t tell Mr P just yet, he’s still not quite recovered!)

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