Dorset Minimoon

Dorset Minimoon

Minimooning! What an absolutely brilliant idea. We were both exhausted after our wedding, and lets be honest, DIY weddings always seem like a good idea but in reality they’re stressful, incredibly time-consuming and end up being flippin’ expensive. So honeymoon plans didn’t even come into the equation for us as we just didn’t have the time. Instead we booked the week off work with a rough idea of where we wanted to go, and after a bit of googling we jumped in the car and headed down to Dorset.

I can’t believe neither of us have ever really been, I’ve had fleeting visits with work, but never had the opportunity to explore properly. It is a seriously beautiful part of the country, and we were also pretty jammy with the weather (thank you, sunshine!)

We stayed at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa and there was a lot of decorcrushing going on. We’ve stayed at the Harbour Hotel & Spa in St Ives before, and the idea of using the spa after a hectic few months was too heavenly to resist. The highlight of the trip had to be an evening meal at the Jetty, the décor and service was impeccable, and its one of the best meals I have ever eaten.

We also took the ferry from Sandbanks to Studland which was great, the beach is picture perfect with a distant view of old Harry in the vista. Just be mindful of the nudist mile in the middle of the beach (!) We ended our trip with a journey down to Durdle Door, it’s been on our bucket list for a while, and it really is breathtaking when you see it in person.

Some treasured memories made, and we’ll definitely be visiting again.

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