Postpartum Hair

Postpartum life has not been particularly kind to my hair. I’m lucky as I have always had very thick hair, and lots of it. It’s also pretty wild and takes a lot of taming, but my long locks have always been a huge part of my identity. At drama school, my ‘most likely to’ moment was to star in a Pantene advert, and whilst L’Oréal hasn’t called yet, it’s one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever had (however superficial that makes me!)

Pregnancy hair is just amazing, my tresses were glossy, healthy and strong – it’s certainly one of the perks of all those increased hormone levels.

But those days seem to be far behind me, as hair loss struck at around 10 weeks postpartum for me. Every time I washed my hair I’d end up with a ball of stray hairs, about the size of a small cat (yes, really) and then there was the constant shedding around the house too – I was always hoovering up after myself, and asking my husband to check for bald patches on the back of my head. It ended up getting me down if I’m honest, I just felt a mess and was in need of a good old sprucing up.

So, after going six months without an appointment at the hairdresser, I booked myself in and asked for a long bob (I just can’t say lob, I’m not cool enough). I’ve also had a few more subtle highlights added to try and disguise the grey hairs that have started to come through (they just ferociously appeared one day, ugh).

I have to say, I absolutely love it. It’s feels fresh, healthy, and most importantly, easy to manage. Obviously hair loss isn’t going to stop overnight. Apparently it can take up to a year for the hormones to rebalance (here’s hoping it doesn’t take that long!) But every mama will tell you a low maintenance hair and beauty regime is essential with a little one in tow. It’s still long enough to tie up and I’m looking forward to playing with different styles – although that will probably only be on the weekends when Mr P’s home to watch Rosa.